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Back in 1993, the government issued him the name Miles Quincy Martin after the famed musician Miles Davis and legendary producer Quincy Jones. He grew up playing music in marching bands and hip-hop dancing in California’s San Gabriel Valley bouncing between Monrovia, Duarte and Pasadena where his crib and studios are now. In 2013, he started Do Your Dance Ent. to promote his work and started rapping and mixing his own beats that set the streets of California on fire!

He does it all!

Miles is a producer, engineer, publisher, song writer, musician and so much more! If it has to do with music, Miles can do it!

Miles is very versatile when it comes to production. He has a West Coast, G-Funk sound influenced by Snoop, Dre, Tupac and many others! His fresh beats bring the world back to that 90's LA house party vibe. With his hard work and dedication, Miles is sure to make his mark in the music game!


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